Grey & White Kitten

Smartie and her siblings came to us from a home where there were so many cats that they were not receiving proper care or attention. At first, they were very under-socialized but our wonderful team of fosters have been able to work with them over the last few months to help them learn trust in people. They are ready to go to their forever homes, but it will be important for them to find just the right homes that will allow them to continue to come out of their shells and flourish into wonderful kitties.

Since these kittens came from a home with a lot of cats, and have grown up in foster homes where friendly cats helped in their socialization, they are much more comfortable being around friendly cats than being on their own. Therefore, must go to homes where there are established, friendly cats that can take them under their wings. They need adult-only homes and at this time are not comfortable with dogs. The kittens are about 6m old and have been fixed.

Despite Smartie being in foster care for several months now, she is still a very shy girl. She will play all day long, and also loves food time but will let the others go ahead first. Smartie will watch and observe, but doesn’t quite trust yet. She has come leaps and bounds from when she first came into care, but she still have a very long way to go. She will come closer to her foster family but doesn’t like to be touched quite yet.

It may be challenging to find the right feline companion for Smartie. She is curious of the other cats and likes to watch them play, but at this stage she isn’t really interested in playing with them or cuddling with them. She will sometimes hiss at the other cats if they get to close to her, but when they are out of view she curiously wanders around trying to find them. She will likely do well in a home with a cat that is indifferent to her. A cat that will allow her to hang around if she wants, but that wont be too ‘in your face’ with Smartie and respect her boundaries. Due to these challenges, a foster-to-adopt home may be the best option for Smartie. Foster-to-adopt is only available for families who live on the Saanich peninsula or south of the Malahat.

If you have a quiet home with existing felines, and you are interested in Smartie, please visit for info on our adoption process and for a copy of the adoption application.

Please note that the kittens are in foster care in Cobble Hill. Potential adopters will need to visit them in their foster home there.