Pepper is a sleek, black kitten who is looking for a home with an experienced cat owner and ideally another, social cat to be her friend. She is a nervous nelly but loves to play and to eat. In the right home, Pepper will blossom into a sweet girl.

Pepper and her siblings were born outside to a stray cat. The poor kitty received some injuries and was doing her best to raise a litter of kittens with limited resources, but they needed help. They were rescued by a team of volunteers and came into care when they were about 6 weeks old. Until then, they weren’t used to being handled, so they can be quite shy around new people and in new environments.

Pepper is a very curious kitten, while being shy and somewhat independent. She may be the smallest of the kitties, but she has a big heart and really wants to come around. Pepper really loves her scratching post and loves to chase toys that have things dangling off of a stick or rod. She is very food motivated and is always one of the first kittens to come out for dinner. Pepper plays well with the other kittens so will do best in a home with a friendly cat that can help to show her the ropes.

Thus far, Pepper is not comfortable around dogs because when she was living as a stray (before she was rescued) her only experiences with neighbourhood dogs were scary for her. She seems to be OK around teen-aged kids that are calm and cat savvy, but Pepper won’t be comfortable around young children that move fast or speak loudly.

If you’d like to learn more about Pepper, please visit for info about our adoption process and to find a copy of our online adoption application.