Adoption Pending

Grey longhaired kitten

This little fuzzball is Licorice. Her mom came to VPAS from a hoarding situation and she was very pregnant. Mom is under-socialized, so despite being born in foster care Licorice is a nervous nelly; her mom’s behaviuor made it difficult to handle the kittens as much as we would have liked to when they were young. Due to this, Licorice needs a quiet, adult home where she can learn all about what it means to be part of a loving family.

Licorice is a very fuzzy kitten, but under all of that fur, she is a petite girl. Despite her small size, she is energetic, feisty, and playful. Licorice loves treats, has used her litter box perfectly since she learned how to use it, and really enjoys playing with noisy toys (bell balls, crinkle toys, and chipry birds.) Licorice is a bit shy but she just needs to gain a little more confidence. Her first instinct is to run away or freeze when something scares her but if you pick Licorice up and cuddle her she will settle. With a little love and patience she will come around to be an amazing addition to your family.

Licorice has been in a foster home with several other cats and really enjoys cuddling with and playing with them. She especially enjoys cuddling up with the adult male cat. She will be happiest in a home with another, social cat that is friendly and who will take her under their wing to show her the ropes.

Since Licorice is such a fuzzball, she will need regular grooming to ensure that her beautiful coat does not matt. Her adopter should be prepared for either daily grooming sessions at home, or regular visits to a professional groomer to ensure that her coat stays healthy.

Please note that we are anticipating a very large number of applications for these kittens. As much as we wish we had the resources to contact each applicant individually, we are unable to do so at this time. Our adoption team will contact the applicants who seem as though they will be the best fit for each kitten.