Blue-eyed Siamese cat

Have you ever seen a cat with prettier eyes? Kat (or Ribs has his foster family calls him) is a gorgeous 1 year old Siamese boy who is looking for a quiet, adult-only home. He came to us from a crowded shelter on the BC mainland in search of his happily-ever-after.

In many ways, Kat is typical of the Siamese breed. He can be a bit of a diva and selective in the people he likes to spend time with. If he likes you, he is extremely affectionate and loving, and likes to sit on your lap or shoulders. However, if you’re not his favourite person, you know it. He is very friendly with his foster mom and some of her friends, but he does not like the teenagers that live in the home. He is loud when he doesn’t get what he wants but is otherwise a fairly quiet boy. Kat loves when you lay down with him and rub him, and he loves to rub against your face, but he will sometimes swat at you if he thinks you’re about to stop giving him attention or walk away.

Kat isn’t much of a player. He likes to rip up paper but so far hasn’t really been that interested in toys. He is not a picky eater (so we really have to watch his waistline because he’s on the verge of being too chubby) but he’s not interested in treats so far. His foster mom loves spending time with him because he is so affectionate with her. He does not liked to be picked up but he will sit on his foster’s lap if she sits on the floor.

Kat has shown on multiple occasions that he does not like children, not even cat-savvy teens. He is also not at all happy about sharing space with other animals. Kat’s ideal home will be with a single, older person or couple who will not have kids, and who do not have grandkids visiting. It is also important that he be the only pet. Kat is shy when he first meets new people and it will take him a little while to acclimate to a new environment, but once he gets to know you, he will be your best friend.

If you’d like to learn more about Kat (aka Ribs) please visit https://victoriapets.ca/adoption-process/ to find info on our adoption process, as well as a copy of our online adoption application.