Holly is a beautiful, sleek, black cat who is looking for a nice quiet home. She is a really lovely girl with a lot of potential to be a great a companion for someone, but she is shy around strangers and it takes her a while to warm up to new environments. Unfortunately for her, shy black kitties don’t stand out much during kitten season when everyone wants to adopt friendly kittens with neat markings. Holly is only about a year old and is fun to be around once she trusts you, she just needs to find someone willing to give her a chance.

It took Holly about 2 months to really start coming out of her shell when she first arrived at her foster home. She found a comfy hiding spot and likes to spend a lot of time there. She comes out and likes to play for a couple of hours in the morning, then takes a nap until afternoon under the bed. While her foster mom is working (working from home due to COVID) Holly will get up and put her paws her leg if she’s not getting enough attention. She continues to get more comfortable in her foster home and has discovered the fun game of ripping around the room and then sliding on a towel. Holly has a tiny squeaker of a meow and isn’t too chatty but will communicate when she wants something. Holly loves to be petted and usually flops down on the ground when she’s happy and wants more. She kneads at the air, and she really seems to love her paws being massaged. Holly does beg for human food, no matter what it might be, so her foster is working on training that out of her. She tries to jump in her lap and paws at the food while she’s eating. A work in progress. Otherwise, Holly is NOT a lap cat and she does not like to be picked up. She has learned to use her mouth a lot while communicating so her new family will have to be ok with her exploring with her mouth, and help her to learn that it’s not appropriate. If you say ouch or no, she does stop, but she needs to be reminded still.

Holly is used to being around other cats, and we have found that being around then really helps to bring her out of her shell. She will do best in a home with another cat that is interested in being her friend. If you do not have a second cat but are interested in adopting a pair, adoptable Morgan came from the same home as Holly and the two could be adopted together.) Holly has no experience with dogs and is afraid of children. A nice quiet home where there are other friendly cats, or where she could be adopted with Morgan, would be suitable for her. Holly is an indoor cat.

If you’d like to earn more about this black beauty, please contact us at victoriapets@gmail.com for more information.