Adoption Pending

Orange Persian Cat

Gabriella is a beautiful Persian kitty who is looking for a quiet, calm home. Unfortunately, she came from a chaotic and high energy environment where she lived in constant fear.. Now that she’s with us, she is in a foster home where she is the only animal, living with a single, quiet woman and she has become such a relaxed, calm kitty. Gabby will lay in the cat bed by the window & nap for hours. When she wants some pets she will sit at her foster mom’s feet & give a little meow. Gabby is quiet & independent. If you sleep in she will not wake you or jump up on your bed, and she’s happy to sit quietly while you watch TV or read in the evenings. Gabby doesn’t like to be picked up and is not a lap cat, but she’s happy being around you. If you do try to pick her up she doesn’t bite or scratch but she’ll jump down right away. A kind word & little loving goes a long way with this sweet girl.

Gabriella has been around other cats and dogs in the past and is not comfortable with them. She is looking for a home where she’ll be the only pet. Gabby came from a home where a man did not treat her very well so she is afraid of most men, although she seems to be OK with those who have a calm energy and give Gabby her space.

Due to her long coat, Gabriella needs to have regular brushing, which she enjoys. She was shaved off a while back because she had some matting so her coat is a little shorter than ‘normal’ for her right now, but it will continue to grow back to it’s beautiful length with regular care and brushing.

A few years ago, Gabriella had a urinary tract infection and the vet put her on a special food to promote urinary health. It is very common for UTI’s to start in cats that are under stress, so it’s very possible that Gabby may not have the issue again once she’s in a consistent and calm environment. However, it is recommended for Gabby to continue on with her urinary food for at least a time, while she settles into a new home and her new family can closely monitor her progress before considering a food change.

If you think that your home might be the right fit for Gabby, please visit for adoption info and to complete an adoption application.