Fox Trot (Foxy)


If you’re looking to add some spice to your life, Fox Trot might be your girl. Otherwise known as Foxy, this girl is a youngster (about 12m) who came to us with a litter of kittens and now that they are adopted and Foxy is spayed, it’s her turn to find a home.

Foxy is playful, energetic, curious, chatty, and sweet. She isn’t overly cuddly (not a lap cat), but she likes to be around you. If you pick her up she will sit in your arms and enjoy head rubs for a few minutes but before long she is off doing something more interesting. Foxy is independent and would be fine being left alone during working hours, but she does like to be around her people so would be happy for a bit more attention. She is not an in-your-face cat and if you work from home she will leave you alone while you’re doing your thing.

Although we don’t know anything about Foxy’s history, we strongly believe that she was indoor/outdoor in her previous home. She spends a fair bit of time looking out the windows and seeming like she would be happy to explore. Therefore, we believe she will do best in either a safe rural home, a home with a catio so that she can get some safe outside time, or a large home where she can be indoors but still have lots of big windows to watch wildlife out of (and where it is safe if she does accidentally get outside.) Foxy will not be the right fit for a condo or small home.

She’s very intelligent; Foxy understands no, and only takes a few times to learn where she can or can’t jump and scratch. She loves to play for about 10-15 min, and then needs to take a breather. She is CRAZY for the laser. She’ll also chase after the feather on a stick, mice with catnip, and toy balls.

Foxy did have some sores and hair loss on her neck when she arrived. We tested her for parasites, bacterial infection, fungal infections, ringworm, etc and she was negative for everything. The vet thinks that Foxy may have a bit of a food allergy so she is currently on a hypoallergenic diet and is doing really well. It is possible that her healing is just due to an improvement in her quality of life and health, but the only way we will know is to keep her on the hypo diet for the ‘wash out’ period (8 weeks) and then start slowly introducing her to new things to see if any of them cause a reaction. It is possible that she may need to be on the hypoallergenic food on-going.

Foxy does not get along well with other animals so must be the only animal in the home. Therefore, she wouldn’t be the right fit for someone who is hoping to have additional pets in the future. If she is in a home where she will be allowed outdoors, it would be best if it isn’t an area with lots of other neighbourhood cats that she might tangle with or whose food she might get into.

If you think that Foxy could be a good fit for you, please visit to learn about our adoption process and to find a copy of our online adoption application.