Adoption Pending

Meet Edam. This incredibly handsome kitten is a sweet boy who is looking for a home with someone who has experience working with shy kitties. He was born to a feral cat and spent his first 2 months of life living outside in the bush. When his home was being torn down for development his mother moved and left the kittens behind. When Edam was found he was quite skinny and very scared, but he’s been in the care of a loving foster home for a few weeks now and he’s really blossoming. He needs a quiet home with an experienced family that will help him continue to come out of his shell. Ideally, Edam’s new family will already have another friendly cat that can help show him the ropes.

Edam is still very easily startled and initially runs to a hiding spot if his foster mom goes into the kitten room. However, he quickly calms down and can be picked up and held, even by people he is first meeting. He needs a new mom or dad who will start working with him slowly, to help him gain trust, and give him time to settle in. Someone who takes their time with him will find that he blossoms into a really great companion.

Edam absolutely loves being brushed with a soft brush, which is important to help bond with him. He will even roll over to play with the brush and if you stop, he will rub up against your hands or ankles to get more attention, with much purring. Edam has an incredibly soft coat that is very fuzzy and likely to matt if not brushed regularly. His owner will need to be committed to brushing him every day with the right brush to prevent mats. This cat’s fur is so fuzzy that it will cause problems with anyone who has slight allergies.

A quiet home will be best for Edam. He is afraid of children and dogs but seems OK with other cats. In fact, a home with an existing, friendly cat would be great for Edam. Since he is nervous of fast sounds and loud noises, a home with a calm, laid-back vibe will be best for him.

If you’d like to adopt Edam, please visit https://victoriapets.ca/adoption-process/ for more information.