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Dolce & Gabbana

Adoption Pending

Dolce & Gabbana are a beautiful pair of tortoiseshell sisters who are looking for a home together. They are about 16 months old, are social, healthy, spayed, and good with other cats! They will make a great addition to their new home.

Dolce (shorthair) is a confident & saucy little girl who knows what she wants. She loves to sit next to her foster mom on the couch and get pets (but not too many.) She can keep herself busy by playing with toys on her own; she’s quite good at scooping up toys and throwing them around! Although Dolce gets along with her sister and the other cats in her foster home, she prefers to seek her foster mom out for attention, rather than play with the other cats. However, she likes attention from the dog in her foster home. Dolce likes to jump up and rub on him as he walks past.

Unlike her sister, Gabbana likes playing with the other cats in her foster home. She is also a love bug who loves to give kisses. Gabbana is happy to play with toys on her own or with long-handled feather toys that you wave around for her.
She’s quite chatty and loves to be pet. She’ll follow you around chatting and making biscuits until you give her attention. Gabbana gets along great the most docile cats in her foster home, but does get intimidated by the bossier cats. She tolerates the dog, but prefers to be ignored by him.

Neither Dolce or Gabbana have been around children as of yet. We don’t believe they would enjoy the attention of young children, but calm, cat-savvy old kids (10y +) might be OK.

If you’d like to adopt Dolce & Gabbana, please visit our website at to learn about our adoption process and for our online adoption application.