This adorable little face belongs to Cayenne. Although hesitant and shy at first, once he gets to know you he seeks lots of attention. Once he came out of his shell he became more independent and is an easy cuddler. He is very playful with his litter mates and would be happy to be adopted with his sister, Cumin (as soon as her eye infection clears up and is ready to go.) He is happily carried around and snuggled by everyone. He even enjoys laying on his back, cradled in the crook of your arm.

Although Cayenne is sweet and affectionate once he’s comfortable with you, he is looking for an adult family. He’s nervous around loud noises and fast movements so he is not comfortable with children. He has seen dogs at a distance so will probably be OK with a calm, cat-savvy dog if introduced properly.

This handsome little boy’s long fur will require regular brushing to prevent matting, so his new family will have to be willing to brush him.

Please visit for information on adoption and an application.