This orange beauty is Biscuit. She had a bit of a rough start, but she’s now ready for find her perfect family.

Biscuit’s mom was abandoned when her previous owner went to jail and she was found trying to get food at a feral cat feeding site. She was heavily pregnant, and very, very skinny. Biscuit and her siblings were born in the care of a loving foster home shorty after their mom was rescued, so they have been handled since they were born. They are all sweet, loving, playful kitties who enjoy snuggles and toy time.

Biscuit is a lovely orange female tabby that socializes super well with both other cats and people. She is a generally adaptable and easy going cat that adjusts her activity to match those around her. She loves her tinned food and chase games in particular. She loves playing with her brothers, even though they are twice her size but they know to baby her a bit. She likes playing with the adult cat in the home less, because she roughhouses too much for Biscuit’s liking, and Biscuit is still a tiny thing. So although she is good with other playful cats she will do better if they play gently. Biscuit is also quite the climber and jumper, so expect lots of exploration in a new home!

Biscuit is pretty used to the dog in her foster home, but it took her 6 months to get to that point and she still gets upset if the dog barks or moves too quickly. Ideally, she’d love a home without dogs, but might do Ok with a calm, slow, cat-savvy dog that treats her with respect and ignores her. Regardless of whether there is a dog in her new home or not, she is looking for a home with another cat.

Due to the mom’s poor condition when she was rescued, the kittens got kitty colds right as soon as they were born. This lead to them having eye infections at a young age, which caused scarring of the nasolacrimal ducts. This means that instead of the tears that the eye naturally produces being carried away from the eye via the nasolacrimal ducts as they should, they spill over the edge of the eyelid and sometimes run down the face. This doesn’t require medical treatment or any special care, but it does mean that the face needs to be wiped to prevent build up of tear stains on the fur of the face.

Biscuit also has a condition called symblepharon. Symblepharon is where the third eyelid and the conjunctiva fuse together in an area because of scarring. This is because she had an eye infection as soon as her eyes opened at a few days old, so the eyes were affected during a growth period. Symblepharon is essentially a cosmetic issue. It just makes the opening for the eye a bit smaller, so it makes it appear that his eye is a bit squinty because the opening is slightly smaller than the other side (so they’re asymmetrical.) It does not cause pain or discomfort and will not get better or worse over time. Biscuit’s symblepharon used to be more pronounced and she had a minor surgery to improve it. It is better than it was but overall her eyes still look a bit asymmetrical.

So far, Biscuit does not seem to enjoy children. She did do Ok with a teenager, but so far, anyone younger than that has made her uncomfortable A quieter, adult-only home is likely better for her.

If you’d like to learn more about Biscuit, please visit for information about our adoption process and to find a copy of our online adoption application.