Adoption Pending

grey tabby cat

Bastet is a funny, quirky, comical girl who is looking for the perfect home where she can be herself. Once Bastet gets to know you she is a very sweet, playful and loving girl. It takes her a little while to get to know new people and she has an odd way of expressing herself. Although she’s been in her foster home for over 2 months now, each time her foster mom walks into the room, Bastet hisses and spits at her. However, after being ignored for about 10 seconds, Bastet runs up to her and wants attention. She loves to roll around on her back and get her belly rubbed. She kneads her feet in happiness, loves to hold her foster mom’s hand and has a great purr. Bastet will be a wonderful companion to her new mom or dad as long as they give her a little bit of time to settle in.

Bastet came from a home with a large number of cats and she really seems happy to be around other felines. She does have a bit of a strong personality so gets along best with more submissive cats. She’s not mean to other cats at all, she’s just very food motivated and knows what she wants out of life. Bastet is very playful and loves to wrestle with the other cats in her foster home. She will do best in a home where there is another young cat that she can wrestle and play with. Bastet shares a foster home with two other young cats that she gets along with well so if you don’t have an existing cat in your home and you are interested in having a pair, Missy or Grey Girl would be good matches for Bastet.

Visit for adoption information and our application. Please note that due to increasing numbers of COVID-19 in our province, in an effort to minimize risk to our foster homes and discourage non-essential travel, we will only be considering adoptions on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands at this time.