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Alfie - ADOPTED!


This adorable little guy is Alfie. He is a Dumbo rat who is estimated to be about 3 months old. He came to us from Animal Control after being found abandoned in a box. Alfie is a sweet little rat who is quite social and likes attention. He can be a bit shy with new people, but we certainly can't blame him, considering his past. He has been in foster care with an adult rat who he has learned from and the two of them get along very well. Rats don't do well when they're alone, so it will be important for Alfie to find a home with another male rat who he can become buddies with.

Aero, KitKat, Snickers & Hershey - Adoption Pending


These 4 brothers were born in June 2017 and they are all quite close to each other. They are the perfect little family and would love to find a home where they can all stay together. Aero & KitKat are Dumbo, black self rats, and Snickers and Hershey are black Berkshire rats. These guys all have different personalities that compliment each other well. Aero and KitKat are both quite inquisitive and like to check out new things. They are very food motivated and are the perfect little set of twins. Hershey and Aero are the cuddlers of the group.

Dublin & Clover - Adoption Pending

Clover & Dublin.jpg

Dublin and Clover are brother & sister who are looking for a home together. Clover is a lovely bunny with a fairly quiet and submissive personality. She is social with her foster mom, loves treats, and is very curious. Dublin is a goofball who loves to run around and explore. He's social and friendly, and likes to hang out next to you.

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