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Birds, Rabbits etc

Shamrock & Limerick


Shamrock and Limerick are looking for a home. These two have different personalities that compliment each other well and they are bonded (sisters) so want to find a home together.

Limerick is energetic, active, funny, and very spirited. She is social and smart so can likely be trained to do just about anything with treats. Limerick has gorgeous, soft, blue/grey fur and always keeps herself clean. She is very particular about where things in her area go & she gets upset when they're moved.

Gucci & Boots - ADOPTED!

180514 Gucci Boots 3.jpg

Gucci & Boots are a lovely pair of adult male rats who are looking for a new home. They were not getting along with the senior male in their home so their family asked us to find them a new loving family to ensure that they were able to get all of the love and care that they deserve.

Lentil, Pistachio & Cheeto - ADOPTED!

3 brothers small.jpg

These 3 brothers are all very bonded and are looking for a home together. This threesome is a great little group who will make a fantastic addition to their new family.

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