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Birds, Rabbits etc

Gucci & Boots

180425 Gucci Boots tongue.jpg

Gucci & Boots are ready to find a loving home! They are lucky to be alive and we are looking forward to seeing them with a wonderful family.

These two were originally bred to be snake food but eventually they got too big to sell and their breeder abandoned them. They were rescued by an acquaintance of that person and brought to us. When they first arrived these boys were weak, covered in lice, and had an upper respiratory infection. After a few vet visits, lots of TLC, and some wonderful care by our foster parents, these two are now thriving and ready to venture out on their own.

Sweetie & Salty

sweetie & Salty.jpeg

Meet Sweeite & Salty! This pair of girls will make a great addition to a rat-savvy home. They came into our care after being abandoned in a box at about 6 months of age, but despite their rough start, they are learning to make the best out of life.

Jaq & Gus Gus


If you're looking for a wonderful little pair of friends to complete your family, look no further than Jaq & Gus Gus. We don't know much about their history except that when they were about 3 months old they were found next to a dumpster in a filthy cage in the pouring rain. Despite their rough start, they are super sweet and very gentle. They must have had a loving family at some point because they are easy to handle, interactive, and social. They will make a fantastic addition to most any home and would be suitable for either a first time rat owner or one with experience.

Lentil, Pistachio & Cheeto

3 brothers small.jpg

These 3 brothers are all very bonded and are looking for a home together. This threesome is a great little group who will make a fantastic addition to their new family.

Shamrock & Limerick


Shamrock and Limerick are looking for a home. These two have different personalities that compliment each other well and they are bonded (sisters) so want to find a home together.

Limerick is energetic, active, funny, and very spirited. She is social and smart so can likely be trained to do just about anything with treats. Limerick has gorgeous, soft, blue/grey fur and always keeps herself clean. She is very particular about where things in her area go & she gets upset when they're moved.

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