Loving Memory

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Teddy came to VPAS when he was just 3 months old. He was born with a liver shunt and his family wasn't able to afford his medical care. Unfortunately, Teddy's condition could not be treated surgically (as most shunts can be) and we knew that he would need a very special home. He needed to eat a special low-protein diet, and took several other medications. It was unknown how long Teddy's body would be able to continue on as it was, but it was clear that Teddy wasn't suffering, and deserved to live as long as he was not in pain.



This sweet little senior dog was a survivor of Hurricane Katrina. Dr. Nick Shaw and a group of his staff headed to the Southern States to lend their medical expertise to the animal survivors of the hurricane. Rosie was rescued by the Search and Rescue team and was brought back to Canada by Dr. Shaw because her family could not be found. Rosie was left blind by the hurricane and needed to find a special home. She was quickly adopted by VPAS into a wonderful home where, although traumatized from her ordeal, she settled in nicely.


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Braveheart was a little Havanese puppy who was born with a hole in his heart. Because of the hole, Braveheart's heart couldn't pump blood very efficiently around his body and he got weak and tired very quickly. Even though our veterinary staff worked tirelessly to make Braveheart strong enough to undergo the surgery that he needed to repair his heart, he succumbed to his heart disease and passed away on May 30th/08. He is greatly missed by everyone who was lucky enough to spend time with him.



This wonderfully cute face comes with a tragic story. When Squeak was only about 10 days old her mother (a stray neighbourhood cat) was trying to move Squeak from one side of the road to the other to take her to a safer place. While the mother cat was running across the road (with Squeak in her mouth) she was struck by a car and killed. Fortunately for Squeak, the vehicle behind the car that hit her mother saw the furry ball go flying from her mother's mouth and rescued Squeak, bringing her to VPAS.



Schmopey was surrendered to VPAS when she was 15 years old because her owner had to move and was only allowed to keep one of his pets, so he chose to keep the dog and gave up Schmopey. This poor little girl was very sad, and had difficulty adjusting. Fortunately for her, we were able to find a foster home for Schmopey where she could relax and enjoy life. Schmopey spent only a few short months in her foster home before she developed cancer and crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

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