Loving Memory

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Callie was a sweet kitty who came to us in poor shape. She was not eating, had lost weight, and seemed to be in pain, although the source was unclear. It was determined that Callie had a major infection in her abdomen but the vets were hopeful that with surgery to remove the infected area that Callie would recover. She had some major ups and downs during the time she was with us and while we were all very hopeful that she would recover, it was not meant to be. Callie's condition did not get better and her infection was not responding to antibiotics.



Squeakie (the white rat) and her sister came to VPAS after being abandoned in an apartment when their owner moved away and left them behind. When they first arrived it was obvious that Squeakie wasn't well, but it was initially thought that she was suffering from a common respiratory problem called mycoplasma. After weeks of treatment with no sign of improvement, Squeakie went back to the vet for a follow-up visit and it was discovered that she did not have a respiratory infection at all. She actually had a large mass growing in one of her lungs.

Boba Fett

Boba Fett on the scratching post.jpg

Boba Fett originally came to VPAS as Boober, in the summer of 2009. He, his mother, and his siblings had been abandoned in an apartment when their family moved away; they came to VPAS via animal control. He was the first of his litter to be adopted and found a wonderful family to give him all of the love that he missed out on earlier in his life.



Poor Spartacus came to VPAS after being found as a stray cat. He was starving, very weak, and covered in fleas. The initial vet exam for Spartacus revealed that he was extremely emaciated, he was severely anemic (likely from chronic blood loss from his heavy flea infestation), and he had very bad teeth. The poor guy was barely able to walk because he had so little muscle; he could hardly hold himself up.

When Spartacus was found, he was very near death. He spent a few days in the vet hospital and after only two days in a foster home poor Spartacus lost his hard-fought battle.



Rosie was a sweet little 6 month old puppy who came to VPAS in poor condition. She was very thin, she was anemic, and her blood protein levels were dangerously low. Despite a blood transfusion and urgent surgery to help Rosie, her problems were too severe and could not be corrected. Although Rosie was only in our care for 3 days, she made a big impression on all of our volunteers and all of the veterinary hospital staff who worked with her. We miss this brave girl but we are glad that she is out of pain and that she can be a puppy again on the other side of Rainbow Bridge.

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