Loving Memory

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Sunshine came to VPAS in 2012 because her owner was no longer able to to care for her. She was in poor health when she first arrived but was quickly adopted, along with another rat named Paisley. Sunshine passed away in November, and although she wasn't in her new home very long she was loved & well cared for. She is missed by her 'sister' Paisley & her family.



Goldie came to VPAS as an older adult cat in 2009. He was a lovely cat with a gentle soul who had been living as a stray after being abandoned in a farming district. Shortly after arriving in our care Goldie was diagnosed with kidney failure but that didn't stop him from finding a wonderful home in short order. Although Goldie was only with his new family for a few years, they were the best years of his life. Here is an update from Goldie's adoptive family:



Casey & her friend Sunshine arrived at VPAS in April of 2012 because their owners had to move & were unable to take them along. At that time Casey was obese & needed to lose weight. She did very well on her diet, but after she began to lose some weight we discovered that the extra fat on her body was hiding several mammary tumors. The tumors would have taken Casey's life so we opted to try surgery to see if they could be removed. Sadly, once she was in surgery we discovered that she had many mammary tumors & her chances for survival were not good.



Batman came to VPAS as a senior rat with several health problems. He was not well enough to be put up for adoption so he entered into a foster home for hospice care. He was with his foster family for just a few short months before he lost his struggle & passed away peacefully today. Batman will be missed by his family at VPAS & his foster family, but we're glad that we were able to give him a good home during his last few months.


Zizi 3.jpg

Zoe (previously ZiZi) started life as a feral kitten and came to VPAS from another rescue organization. Although she was a shy girl, she was adopted by some loving people who provided her with a safe home where she flourished and became a cherished part of the family. Sadly, just over a year later, Zoe fell ill and her veterinarians were not able to save her. She is greatly missed by her family, who sent us this memorial:

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