Success Story

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Kamo 2 N.jpg

Kamo is very lucky to be alive. She was found as a stray, bloody, broken, and very thin. After a veterinary exam it was determined that Kamo had a badly broken and infected jaw, and a severely damaged eye, likely from receiving a trauma to the face. After weeks of medical care to repair Kamo's injuries she went into foster care and was quickly adopted by her foster mom. Here is Kamo's update.

Reese (now Pixel) & Teeny Tim (now Timbit)

Reese & Teeny Tim.jpg

Reese (now Pixel) came to VPAS as part of a litter of kittens who were born to a stray mom. He was the most cuddly and outgoing kitten of the bunch right from the get-go so it wasn't a surprise that he was the first to find his forever home. Lucky for Reese, he was being adopted into a home with another kitten (Tim) who was also recently adopted from VPAS. Teeny Tim (now Timbit) came to VPAS in the summer after being found at the dump. He was quickly adopted by a loving family and settled right in. Here is the update on both kitties from their new family.


Sage 3.jpg

Sage originally came to VPAS from another rescue organization after being found in a humane cat trap during a feral cat sterilization project. She was scared, sick, and skinny, and she had a terrible injury to one of her eyes. She really blossomed into a sweet little girl and once she was adopted we emailed some of the photos that her new dad sent to us, on to the person who originally rescued her. This is her response to that email...


Wigwam 1.jpg

Wigwam and her brother were found as two very sick little kittens when they were young. Wigwam found herself in foster care and it wasn't long before she had been adopted. The following email is from her new mom.

Boober (now Boba Fett)

Boba Fett on the scratching post.jpg

Boober came to VPAS with his siblings after they had been abandoned; their previous owners moved out of their apartment and just left the kittens and their mother alone to fend for themselves. They were only 3 weeks old when they arrived in rescue but quickly grew into kittens ready to be adopted. Boober was adopted into a home where he has an older brother and an older sister and his name has been changed to Boba Fett. Here is an update from his new family...

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