Success Story

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In 2009 a sleek, starving, pregnant cat named Digit arrived at VPAS in need of food and TLC. Within days of arriving, Digit gave birth to a litter of kittens. Shinda was the only kitten in her litter to survive and she was obviously a fighter. It didn't take her long to capture the hearts of a wonderful pair of cat lovers, and she found herself joining a great group of rescue kitties in a new home. It has been a year since Shinda was adopted. Here is an update from her family.



Cash is one of VPAS biggest success stories for 2010. He came to us as a 6 month old puppy with a badly broken leg that needed major surgery to fix. Cash was in the vet hospital for a number of weeks before beginning his slow recovery in a foster home. Almost 2 months after Cash arrived at VPAS he found his forever home, and he has continued to attend rehabilitation sessions at the doggy pool to make his leg strong. Here is a letter from Cash (that his new parents helped him write) telling us of his adventures in his new home.


Black Jack


Black Jack is VPAS' most senior success story to date. He came to VPAS at 17 years of age because he was not happy with the new infant in his home. At 17 years old we thought it might be a challenge to find an adoptive home for Black Jack, but it didn't take long for a great senior to find this wonderful kitty and give him a forever home. Here is an update from Black Jack's new 'sister':



Maximillion came to us from another rescue organization after having been abandoned by his family when he was about 6 months old. His previous family felt that he had "outgrown" the cute kitten stage and the children lost interest in him. Once Max arrived at VPAS it only took 1 day before he caught the eye of his forever parents-to-be. Here is the update from his new family.

Charlie Bear (now Stachi)


Charlie Bear was part of a litter of feral kittens that were found in the bushes when they were too young to be on their own. Despite their young age they were very feisty and could not be safely handled. They went into foster care for socialization and after only a short time Charlie Bear decided that people weren't all that bad and turned into a real cuddle bug. He was the first of his litter to be adopted and is now in a great home. Here is his update.

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