Success Story

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Henry 2.jpg

Henry is a big, beautiful, Siamese X kitty who caught the eye of many potential adopters. Fortunately, it didn't take us long to find the perfect home for him. Here is an update from Henry's new family, about 1 month after they took him home:


Pluto & Friend.jpg

Pluto came to VPAS as a kitten from another rescue organization. He and his siblings were feral kittens that weren't well socialized and weren't used to being part of a family. They spent some time in foster care and after a few months Pluto was adopted into his own home. He now lives with a small dog who has become his best friend. Here is a brief update (and a photo) from Pluto's new family.

Gemma (Now Gamma)


Gemma came to VPAS from a veterinarian with a sad story. She had been taken to the vet to be put to sleep because her owner passed away and the person left to care for Gemma did not want her. The vet did not feel comfortable euthanizing Gemma because she was not ill or suffering, so she asked that Gemma come to VPAS so that we could find her a new home. At first Gemma was a little nervous with her new surroundings but she soon flourished and found a wonderful new home. Here is the update from Gemma's new mom:

Kiedis & Jinxie


Kiedis came to VPAS in 2003 and Jinxie in 2004. They were both part of unwanted litters, and although they look similar they are not related. They were adopted by one of our board members and they've been living the high life ever since. Their house has more cat furniture than people furniture, and although they have to put up with a few foster kittens every now and then they are, for the most part, prince and princess of their home. They spend their days sitting in the window watching birds and their nights curled up on their mom's bed - they're basically spoiled rotten.


China 2.jpg

China came to VPAS after wandering a Victoria neighbourhood as a stray for several years. China was not really used to living in doors and wasn't really interested in being a lap cat so many adopters passed over her for the more cuddly cats & kittens. After 7 months with VPAS China found her forever home and she now lives on a lovely property on one of the Gulf Islands. Here is an update from her mom:

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