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Stryker came to VPAS at about 3 weeks old; he was orphaned when his mother was hit by a car. Stryker was always a very spirited kitten and was the last of his siblings to find his forever home. Stryker just had his 4th birthday and we got an update from his family.

Amber (now Hazel)

amber 3.jpg

Amber (now Hazel) was on death-row in an animal shelter before she came to VPAS. She was saved in the nick of time! Amber (now Hazel) is such an adorable little girl that as soon as she became available for adoption everyone wanted her. She was quickly adopted by a wonderful family from Nanaimo. Here is the update that they sent us:

Willow & Oliver (aka The Greys)

oliver grey.jpg

Willow and Oliver are a very cute set of kittens who are very lucky to be alive. They were found, orphaned when they were only 2 days old and were hand-raised by one of our volunteers. Due to their difficult start in life, both of these sweet kittens have some minor special needs. They have been lucky enough to find a fabulous home with some real cat lovers. Here is an update we received from Willow & Oliver's new parents:

Flopsy (now Jasmine)

Flopsy 2.png

Flopsy (now Jasmine) is a beautiful bunny who was surrendered to VPAS as part of an unexpected litter. She was the first of the group to get adopted and she's been very happy in her new home with her new boyfriend (don't worry, they're both fixed!) Here is an update from her new mom:



We adopted Sophia last May (2010). When we met her at the kennel and adopted her, she was a quiet little dog. Sophia has just bloomed at our home. She is a now called Sophia Loren when she is acting like the diva and Sophia Morning Glory when she is doing her little dance for her food (in the morning). She loves to walk, ride in the car, or just hang out. She loves to sleep on the bed and has recently taken to going to bed on her own when she thinks it is bed time. Sophia defends our home and barks at any noise out of the ordinary.

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