Success Story

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Guinevere (now Cleopatra)


Guinevere (now Cleopatra) and her brother came to VPAS as feral kittens whose mom had abandonded them. They were not used to people at all and were very scared. After a few weeks in foster care Guinevere/Cleopara was adopted by a wonderful family in Vancouver....



This cute little girl came to VPAS when her elderly family could not care for her anymore. She quickly found a home with her mom, and big sister Zoe the Bouvier. Here is what Peaches mom had to say about her.

"Peaches has settled in very well. Since the first day Peaches has not left my side and comes the minute I call her so we are all settling in nicely."

Mou Mouh

MM on his Bunny Blanket 2.jpg

Mou Mouh was adopted from VPAS after being with us for almost 1 year. Here's what his new family has to say about him....

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