Success Story

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Stubbs (now Lorca)

Lorca 1.JPG

Stubbs (now Lorca) came to VPAS in the spring of 2008 after being found in the middle of a driveway all by himself. He was a very popular kitten among VPAS volunteers, so it wasn't a surprise that he had an adoption application within 10 minutes of making into the adoption room. Here is what his new mom has to say about this adorable kitten....



Tyko came to VPAS because his owner had to move away. We knew it wouldn't take Tyko long to find a home because he is such a sweetheart and boy were we right. Tyko was adopted after only a few days and his new family is thrilled with him....

"He is just a delight!  He is affectionate, responsive when we call him, gentle…yes, just an absolute treasure!   We are going to be a very happy family :-)"



Simon was found as an abandoned bunny in a ditch not too far from the VPAS shelter. He went into foster care and was eventually adopted by his foster parents. Simon has now become the first registered therapy bunny adopted from VPAS and will be starting his adventures in therapy soon. Here is what his new family had to say about Simon's first Christmas... 



Fico came to VPAS as a stray cat who had never had a proper home. He was in need of quite a bit of medical care to repair his broken teeth and several wounds. It took him a while to trust us (especially because we had to medicate him regularly for the first little while) but once he came around he turned into a real cuddle bug. Here is what his new family has to say about him.

Midnight (now Bullet)

Bullet 7.jpg

Midnight (now Bullet) came to VPAS with his mother and brothers when their family moved away and left them. He was adopted by a great family from Vancouver and has now become one spoiled kitty. His family emailed us after Bullet's first day in his new home....

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