Success Story

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keltie 4.jpg

Keltie came to VPAS as an older kitten & found herself a home around Christmas time. Here is an update from her new family:

Keltie is doing so great in our home she is constantly following us around the house and will often take a nap with me while I am cooking in the kitchen. Our other cat Bazinga and Keltie have become the best of friends and love to play with each other. We are so glad to have adopted her she is a real joy around our household and is one of the best snuggle companions in the world, we couldn't imagine our home without her!

Quincy (now Gus) & Mr. Mistoffelees (now Alfie)

Quincy & Mistofelees.jpg

Gus & Alfie each came to VPAS at different times. Gus came to us in 2008 & Alfie was a kitten that came to us as part of a large rescue in 2009. Gus was adopted fairly shortly after he arrived and he made such a great family cat that his family soon came looking for another great companion. They are now the best of friends. Here is an update from Gus & Alfie's family:

My partner and I adopted two cats through you guys. Gus and Alfie.

We adopted Gus (previously Quincy) in 2008. We're still confused about why someone would ever surrender him - he's the gentlest, sweetest cat ever.



Eli & his siblings were born to a feral cat and when they were about 5 weeks old, one of the kittens was hit by a car on the road & killed. A kind person who witnessed the accident decided to help the momma cat and her babies. Eli was one of the babies who found his way into foster care. He was quickly adopted. Here is an update from his new family:



Zena & her siblings came to VPAS after being found in a field without their mother. They were only about 5 weeks old so went into foster care until they were ready for adoption. Once Zena was ready to find her new home the applications came pouring in. Here is the update from her new family:

Jameson (now Archer)

Archer & Nixx.png

Jameson & his siblings came to VPAS at about 5 weeks of age. Their mother had stopped feeding them & they needed care to survive. They were very tiny & covered in fleas but they were little fighters. As soon as they were ready for adoption all of the pups were quickly adopted. Jameson (now Archer) has a new "big" sister & is enjoying life on the farm. Here is an update from his family:

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