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Cats and Kittens

Wile E - Adoption Pending

wile small.jpg

Miss Wile E is a real sweetheart who will make a wonderful new addition to most homes. She is about 4-5 months old and is looking for a home where there are other pets for her to play with. She is very curious and loves to spend the day exploring and investigating everything and anything she might find. Wile E is extremely playful and loves to run and chase all day while coming back for lots of snuggles and a good back scratch whenever she can. Most of the time you will find yourself with a little shadow when Wile E is around.

Stout - Adoption Pending


This most handsome kitty is Stout! He came to us from an over0full shelter and when he arrived he had a horrible eye infection. His eyes were so red and sore and he was missing the hair from around his eyes because he was rubbing them so much. Despite being in tough shape, Stout is only about a year old and is very resilient. You can see that his eyes look great now and he's ready to find a home.

Flash & Shadow - ADOPTED!


This pair of adorable faces belong to Shadow & Flash. They are brothers and were the only two kittens in the litter so they are quite close and would like to find a home together. Although they are twins, they have fairly different personalities that compliment each other well. They are about 10 weeks old now and have had their first vet visit and vaccines so are ready to venture out into the big wide world.

Hagrid - Adoption Pending


Hagrid is a lovely boy who came to us from an overcrowded shelter. We don't know anything about his past but he does have an ear tattoo that we were able to trace and we found out that he is 4 years old. Hagrid has come a long way since he first arrived in early July. He was fairly shy to start but he's decided that small dogs are now acceptable and he will cuddle on the couch with the small dogs and other cats in his foster home. Hagrid has a wise, old soul and he likes to live the relaxed life of leisure.

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