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Cats and Kittens

Tesla - Adoption Pending

Tesla sm.jpg

Tesla and her siblings came to us from a family that had too many cats. They were born May 22nd and grew up in a home environment. Now that they're old enough, they are looking for their forever homes.

Dobby - Adoption Pending


This most adorable kitten is Dobby. He is approximately 5-6 months old but he's quite small for his age so looks younger and sure has lots of energy. In fact, Play is his middle name. If the other cats in Dobby's foster home aren't in the mood to play or he can't get one of the pups to play he will keep himself occupied with any toy he can find and will carry it around like a prize. He is an absolutely lovely boy and is best suited for an active household where his energy needs can be met. Dobby has a unique habit of hoarding socks!

Bentley Jr. - ADOPTED!

Bentley jr.jpg

This adorable little face belongs to Bentley Jr. He and his siblings came to us from a family that had a few unfixed cats and ended up with some unexpected litters. They had lots of socialization growing up so are friendly and are in good health. Bentley is the most outgoing guy in his litter. He loves to play with his siblings, and with balls and other toys. Bentley is very tolerant of most anything you want to do with him. Want to hold him like a baby? Go ahead! He’ll let you! Bentley is active, but seeks the attention of his people.

Bentley Black - ADOPTED!

Bentley Black.jpg

This striking kitty is Bentley Black. He came to us from an over-full shelter and although we know virtually nothing about his past, he clearly had a loving family at some point because he is a sweet, affectionate cat. Bentley is estimated at about 3 years old but he acts much younger. He is playful and energetic and does everything at 110%, including cuddling! He is snuggly and loves to stretch out in his bed. He's a fearsome hunter when it comes to chasing his toys and he likes to climb his posts. Bentley likes other cats and seems quite well-adjusted.

Moth Man - Adoption Pending


Meet Moth Man! This little guy is an incredibly sweet, loving, playful cat who is looking for a home with other felines. Moth Man is shy when you first meet him, but he quickly comes out of his shell and turns into a really wonderful cat. He loves to snuggle, to make air biscuits, to play with his 'worm on a stick' toy, and to eat snacks! He will make a wonderful friend for a family who has friendly cats and is looking to add one more.

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