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Cats and Kittens

Phinn & Pippa - ADOPTED!

Pippa & Phinn.jpg

These super adorable felines are Phinn & Pippa. They are a wonderful pair and would be a great choice for someone looking for a bonded pair of kitties.



This beauty is Alma and she's a wonderful girl who will make a great addition to her new home. She came to us from another shelter and we have no history on this girl but she's proven to be a super sweet kitty. Alma is estimated to be about 1-2 years old and is sweet as can be. She is social, likes attention and is an easy keeper. She's very affectionate, is incredibly soft, and loves to chat to you while you go about your day. Alma enjoys watching birds out the window, playing with her toys and stretching out in the sun.

Jake - Adoption Pending


This handsome youngster is Jake. He is about 16 months old and is looking the perfect home. Jake is a gentle, very friendly, playful boy who deserves a home that will fill him with as much love as he puts out - which is a lot! He has beautiful colouring and a soft voice. Jake would do well in a home where he can be social, and is best suited to a home where he has another friendly cat to play with and get close to. Jake can be a little bit shy at first so can be slow to warm up to new faces but once he's comfortable with you he's very open and content.

Boomer - Adoption Pending

boomer 2.jpg

This incredibly handsome fellow is Boomer. He is a 1 year old Bengal x PixieBob cat who is looking for the perfect home. True to the Bengal breed, Boomer is a very smart and athletic cat and needs a family that will keep him busy and entertained. He loves to play with toys and his favourite is a feather attached to a wand toy. He also enjoys playing fetch. Boomer loves to be up high so enjoys watching the comings and going of the house from on top of the fridge and cupboards. When Boomer isn't playing, he is an incredibly snuggly boy.

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