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Cats and Kittens

Lupin - Adoption Pending

Lupin small.jpg

This adorable little face belongs to Lupin. He is a funny little guy with lots of personality. Lupin is very curious and likes to watch everything that's going on around him. He enjoys playing with his siblings and with his toys. Some days he's snuggly and wants to curl up in your lap and other days he prefers to be independent.

Sweet William - ADOPTED!

IMG_8380 (2).JPG

This adorable little guy is Sweet William. He is a gentle, sweet, cuddle bug who is looking for a loving home. This little guy came to us after his mother was killed by a car when he was only 5 days old. Sweet William and his siblings have all been hand raised so are very social.

Jasmine - ADOPTED!


Jasmine is a playful, cuddly kitten who gets along well with almost everyone. She is energetic, smart, and curious. Jasmine is great with children and loves to play with her siblings. She's a bit unsure about new animals but she enjoys their company once she's used to them.

Visit to find out how you can apply to adopt Jasmine. Please note that she is currently being fostered in Shawnigan so applicants must be willing to visit with her there.

Buttercup - ADOPTED!

IMG_8366 (2).JPG

Meet Buttercup. This little girl is a princess with a huge personality. She is looking for a family with someone who has a good sense of humor and lots of time to dote on her and cuddle her. Buttercup's mother was killed when she was only 5 days old, so she was hand-raised. She grew up being bottle fed, snuggled, and spoiled so Buttercup believes that she should be her new family's #1 girl. Her ideal home will be with someone who is home a lot to keep her company or where there are other pets that she can spend time with.

Muffin - ADOPTED!

image002 (1).jpg

This absolutely gorgeous girl is Muffin and she is desperate to find a loving home. Poor Muffin lived her entire life in a loving home but she ended up at animal control after her owner suddenly passed away. Muffin has always lived a quiet lifestyle, so all of the changes that she's gone through over the last few weeks have been really difficult for her. She is sweet, but quite shy and seems to be depressed about losing her home and family (and who can blame her?) Muffin really needs to find a quiet, loving, forever home so that she can start to heal and rebuild her life.

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