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Cats and Kittens

Orion - Adoption Pending

astro & Orion.jpg

Orion and his brother, Astro, are an adorable pair of jet black kittens and they are looking for a home together. This pair is trouble looking for a place to happen, but they are also very sweet and well socialized.

Nermal - Adoption Pending

100087562_305296533805651_6894710351728738304_n (1).jpg

This adorable little guy is Nermal, and just like Garfield's cartoon rival, this boy really is the "cutest cat in the world." When you first meet Nermal, he comes across as a very shy boy but once he knows that you can be trusted, he'll become your best friend in a hurry. Nermal has the loudest purr, and the happiest feet that just never stop kneading. He loves to roll around, get tummy rubs, and give head butts. This kitty will make an absolutely wonderful addition to his new home.

Nugget - Adoption Pending

97712658_832381247251321_8095044648856190976_n (1).jpg

These stunning eyes belong to Nugget! He is a handsome young adult (18m) who is looking for a nice quiet home with other cats that he can become friends with. He came from a hoarding situation and has grown up with lots of other cats around and they really bring out the best in him. He is a shy kitty who will take some time to come out of his shell and get used to a new home, but once he's settled he'll be your best friend.

Suki - Adoption Pending


Suki is a beautiful youngster who is looking for a home with some feline play mates. This sweetheart came to us from a home where there were a large number of cats and it's obvious how much she loves spending time with other felines. She lights up when there are other cats around, and she just loves to play with them. She's about 18 months old and has a lot of energy so would like some friends that will play with her and keep her entertained.

Teddy - Adoption Pending


This very handsome cat is Teddy and he's a special boy who is looking for a wonderful home. Although Teddy can be shy when you first meet him, and it takes him a while to adjust to changes in environment, he is the sweetest, softest, and most adorable big guy. Teddy is a solid cat, having a lean body weight of about 15lbs. We believe that he has some Maine Coon in him, although he not a purebred cat. He has big tom cat cheeks (although he's since been neutered) and big feet, which he loves to use to knead with when he's happy.

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