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Cats and Kittens



Jester is a sweet boy who is looking for a special home. For his entire life (Jester is now 8 years old) he has lived in a house with one person and a large number of cats. Since there were rarely any visitors to Jester's home, he is a shy boy who is extremely nervous of strangers. He lived a very quiet & sheltered life where change was very rare so until Jester came into our care, he hadn't learned how to adjust to anything new. Once Jester gets to know you he's a real love bug, but it takes him time to be comfortable in new environments and around different people.



Ferti is a handsome orange kitty who is looking for a very special home with an experienced care giver. He grew up in a quiet home with a single, senior woman. Unfortunately, Ferti's mom passed away and no one in her family was able to keep him. Ferti is a very shy boy and adjusting to life in a new environment and with new people as been difficult for him. He needs a quiet home with a very patient person who has experience working with undersocialized cats.



Introducing Jessalyn! This kitty is a lovely girl who will make a wonderful addition to her new home. We don't know much about her, except that she came to us from the pound after being picked up as a stray and never claimed. The vet estimates that she's about 5-6 years old and says that she's in good health. Jessa is a lovable girl and seems happy to finally be back in a home environment (foster home) instead of at the pound.

Jessa loves attention and will follow you around when she wants it. As soon as you sit on the floor with her, she collapses and rolls around wanting to be pet.


Domino 2.jpg

Meet Domino. This guy is a super laid-back kitty who will make a wonderful addition to his new family. Domino was much-loved by his owner who had to move overseas. The long trip and required quarantine would have been too much to put Domino through so he had to stay behind. Now he is looking for a family who will love him as much as his previous one did.

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