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Cats and Kittens



Hagrid is a lovely boy who came to us from an overcrowded shelter. We don't know anything about his past but he does have an ear tattoo that we were able to trace and we found out that he is 4 years old. Hagrid has come a long way since he first arrived in early July. He was fairly shy to start but he's decided that small dogs are now acceptable and he will cuddle on the couch with the small dogs and other cats in his foster home. Hagrid has a wise, old soul and he likes to live the relaxed life of leisure.

Bugs Bunny

IMG_2291 (2).jpg

Bugs Bunny is quite a sweetheart who is on the look out for her forever home. She came to us, along with her kittens, from a shelter, but we have absolutely no information about how she ended up there. However, it is clear that at some point she must have had a loving family because she is a people lover and is always up for cuddling, scratches, chasing toys and being held. She is a little bit timid at first until she is comfortable around you but that doesn’t take long.


DSCN3699 (2).jpg

Holly is a beautiful, sleek, black cat who is looking for a nice quiet home. She is a really lovely girl with a lot of potential to be a great a companion for someone, but she is shy around strangers and it takes her a while to warm up to new environments. Unfortunately for her, shy black kitties don't stand out much during kitten season when everyone wants to adopt friendly kittens with neat markings. Holly is only about a year old and is fun to be around once she trusts you, she just needs to find someone willing to give her a chance.


athens 3 (2).jpg

This sweet girl is Athens, and she is looking for a very special home. Athens had a rough start and came from a home situation where there were too many cats. She is in need of a more loving and nurturing place to call home. Athens is approximately 18 months and is ready to find a family that will help her flourish.

Morgan - Adoption Pending


Morgan and his siblings came to us from a family that had too many cats. They were born May 22nd and grew up in a home environment. Now that they're old enough, they are looking for their forever homes.

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