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Cats and Kittens


koda 2.jpg

This handsome little guy is Koda (which means Bear.) He is a great kitten who will fit well into almost any family. He is a bit more laid back than his sister (Nanook) and is more willing to cuddle than she is. He does enjoy playing rough with his siblings but he can be a bit of a wimp when it's returned. Koda is very curious and loves to check out new things. He also loves to run and jump and race in circles. He gets along well with the other cats but he's never met a dog and has never been around children.



This beautiful cream tabby girl is Nanook (which means Polar Bear.) Despite her fluffy and cute appearance, this girl is a force to be reckoned with. She is full of energy and doesn’t slow down until she’s ready for nap. Nanook loves running and hopping around, chasing her toys and her brother. She's really fun to watch. Once she's tired out, Nanook enjoys a good kiss on the cheek and a cuddle. She has come to love her morning pets and snuggling in bed.


Charlie 2.jpg

If you're looking for a super cute kitten to join your family, Charlie might just be your guy. Although Charlie is the smallest one in his litter, he is the most curious about everything. He's a little quieter than his brother he seems pretty confident around strangers and will check out new things easily. Charlie is a great little snuggler but he also enjoys playing too. He seems comfortable around other cats, and although he's never met a dog he will probably be OK with them given a proper introduction.


IMG_1022 (1).jpeg

Meet Mysty. She is a quiet and kind senior girl who is looking for an adult-only home where she can be the queen of her castle. Though shy at first, Mysty warms up quickly, and loves having her head and chin scratched. You know when you've totally earned her trust because she will be making her way onto your lap for extra cuddles.



This beautiful calico kitten is Genie. She grew up with 4 brothers that she had to keep in their place, so this little girl is feisty. She is always the first one to the food dish and she pushes her brothers out of the way to take over the best cuddle spots. Genie is a stubborn and head-strong kitten but she is a real gem too. She's a great snuggle bug and will make a wonderful little companion. Genie will likely get along well with other cats and with dogs, given the proper introduction.

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