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Cats and Kittens


Aaja 1.jpg

Aaja is a young girl who came to us at about 8 months of age. She was pregnant at the time and shortly thereafter had a litter of kittens. Now that Aaja's kittens have grown up and been adopted, she's ready to find a home of her own.

Whizz - Adoption Pending


This handsome boy is Whizz and he is an incredible kitten. He gets along with everyone and everything and has been very friendly with the dog in his foster home, even giving him headbutt kisses! He gets along very well with children and is very gentle with them. Whizz will occasionally try to catch the fish in the tank too, likely just to give them a hug ;) He is a big lover and has an amazing purr. Whizz would be great in a home where he gets lots of love and attention. He loves to sit on your lap and cuddle in your bed, if allowed.

Jet - Adoption Pending

jet 2.jpg

This sleek, good looking kitten is Jet. He is estimated to be about 6 month old and he's a very snuggly boy. Although Jet was painfully shy when he first came into our care, it didn't take him long to realize that he was in good hands to and come out of his shell. Jet is now one of the sweetest, most cuddly kittens that we have. He never stops purring and has a very loud motor. He loves to play with his siblings and with his toys, but his favourite thing to do is to snuggle with his foster mom. This guy is an absolute Velcro cat.

Joker - Adoption Pending


Meet Joker! This handsome guy has an amazing personality and will make a wonderful addition to just about any home. Joker is about 6-7 months old and is just the sweetest guy. He is very friendly and just never stops purring. He likes to follow his foster parents around the house and be involved in everything that is going on. Joker was a little shy when he first arrived, but he very quickly came out of his shell once he realized that he was safe.

Bliss - Adoption Pending


Meet Bliss! This beautiful and exotic feline is a lovely girl who will keep her new family on their toes. She and her kittens came to us from a hoarding situation, so little is known about her past. The vet estimates that she's about 3 years old and has probably spent much of her life being a mom to litter after litter of kittens. Everyone who meets Bliss falls in love with her because she is gorgeous and sweet, but she will need a home with someone who has lots of experience dealing with exotic breeds.

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