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Cats and Kittens

Bliss & Spice

spice and bliss.jpg

Bliss and Spice are a mother/daughter pair who are incredibly bonded and are looking for a home together. These two are energetic, playful, sweet, and sassy.



Hermes is a sweet, senior boy who is looking for a quiet retirement home. He is a laid-back cat who spends his days napping in the sun and lounging on the couch. At this stage in his life, Hermes' priorities are sleeping, eating, and getting pets. He likes to sleep on the bed at night and sometimes even under the covers.

Tweak - ADOPTED!


Meet Tweak! This little guy is full of beans and will make a great addition to an active home. Teak loves to explore new places, jump onto high things and climb up anything that looks interesting. He is quite high energy and loves to play with and hunt his toys. Tweak plays really well with the other kittens but can be a little bit bossy with them sometimes, stealing their toys and running off with them. Tweak will do well in a home with other pets or with kids. He is incredibly affectionate and just loves to purr and cuddle.

Beans - ADOPTED!

FB_IMG_1547961059815 (2).jpg

This adorable little guy is Beans. He is a fun-loving cat who really likes to play. He loves all kinds of toys, especially ones that rattle, make noise, or that he can carry around the house. He has been in a foster home with a few other kittens and he enjoys playing with them, but he's also independent and can keep himself entertained, as long as he has toys. Beans responds to his name and is very talkative. He loves to tell you about his day and to talk to the toys he's playing with. We estimate that he's about 6 months old.

Snowie - Adoption Pending


If you are looking for a lap cat to keep you company all day long, look no further than Snowie. This girl is an absolute love bug! She will sit on your lap as long as you'll let her, sometimes only moving begrudgingly when she's made to get up. Snowie just purrs purrs purrs all day long and is happy as long as she's getting attention. She is quite spry for her age (approx. 12y) and really enjoys playing with the laser toy and chasing a string around.

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