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Cats and Kittens


boomer 2.jpg

This incredibly handsome fellow is Boomer. He is a 1 year old Bengal x PixieBob cat who is looking for the perfect home. True to the Bengal breed, Boomer is a very smart and athletic cat and needs a family that will keep him busy and entertained. He loves to play with toys and his favourite is a feather attached to a wand toy. He also enjoys playing fetch. Boomer loves to be up high so enjoys watching the comings and going of the house from on top of the fridge and cupboards. When Boomer isn't playing, he is an incredibly snuggly boy.

Daisy & Poppy

20190407_222625 (1).jpg

Daisy and Poppy are mother and daughter who are very bonded and looking for a home together. This pair are quite different from one another so their personalities compliment each other well.


cosmo 3.jpg

Introducing Cosmo. This little guy is an energetic kitten who is looking for a home where there is an existing cat that he can play with. Cosmo is very playful and enjoys rough housing with his brothers, but he can also be a little bit dominant and likes to hog the toys. Cosmo loves to chase his mouse toy around and to race in and out of his kitty tunnel. He's likes to follow his foster mom around while she's sweeping and bats at the broom when it goes past. He also helps when she's scooping out the litter boxes or refilling the water bowls.


Daffy 2.jpg

Meet Daffy. This little guy is a lot of fun and will keep his new family on their toes. He is a busy guy who just loves to play, play, play. Daffy enjoys playing with his friends and with toys. He also loves to 'help' when his foster mom is scooping the litter box or sweeping the floor by playing with the scoop or broom.

Bliss & Spice

B&S small.jpg

Bliss and Spice are a mother/daughter pair who are incredibly bonded and are looking for a home together. These two are energetic, playful, sweet, and sassy.

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