Alexa (now Polo)


Polo (formally known as Alexa) and her siblings came to VPAS from another shelter where they were said to be unadoptable because they were born outdoors to a stray cat. The kittens were nervous at first but turned into lovely cats and all of them have since been adopted. Here is what Polo's new family has to say about her...

"She's settling in really well - after 10 days with us she's running around as if she's always lived here. Our other two cats (Trapper and Sabrina) have already accepted her. Polo sleeps on the sofa just like Trapper showed her, and the rest of the time she's busy playing with Sabrina. Her social skills are very good (so a big thank you to her foster mom and everyone at VPAS) - and she definitely is a cuddle-monster! Thank you for caring enough to take an "unadoptable" kitten and helping her to develop into such a great little girl. We can't imagine being without her - she's already an integral, and very loved, part of our family."