TEDDY 2.jpg

Teddy came to VPAS when he was just 3 months old. He was born with a liver shunt and his family wasn't able to afford his medical care. Unfortunately, Teddy's condition could not be treated surgically (as most shunts can be) and we knew that he would need a very special home. He needed to eat a special low-protein diet, and took several other medications. It was unknown how long Teddy's body would be able to continue on as it was, but it was clear that Teddy wasn't suffering, and deserved to live as long as he was not in pain.
Teddy found a wonderful home with a family that was able to care for his special needs. Remarkably, Teddy lived much longer than anyone thought he would, and passed away just before Christmas 2008 (exactly 2 years to the day after he first came to VPAS.)
The love and care that Teddy received during his short life from his foster family, and from the staff of Shaw Pet Hospitals who provided Teddy's care, was just amazing. He was a happy-go-lucky dog who loved every minute of his life, and enjoyed the company of everyone who worked with him. We miss you Teddy!