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Janet is the oldest cat that's ever been surrendered to VPAS. She and her housemate were given up by their owners when Janet was 18 years old! Janet had a thyroid condition that required daily medication, but was otherwise in good health for her age. Because Janet was a senior, we decided it would be better for her to go into foster care than to wait for a new home at the adoption centre and try to compete with all of the fuzzy-faced kittens to find a new home.
Janet's foster mom gave her the best care possible and filled her last days with love, good food, and the company of other felines who'd been dumped just like Janet had. Janet enjoyed every minute of her new life and was happy to be a in warm, comfortable home. About 6 months after coming to VPAS Janet peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge. VPAS would like to thank Janet's foster mom for all of the love and care that was provided for her during the last part of her journey. We're so glad that she was allowed to live out her natural life and that she was able to spend part of that with us.