This wonderfully handsome cat came to VPAS in absolutely terrible shape; one of the worst we've seen. He was 10 years old and was living as a barn cat, but was not being supplied food, water, or medical care. By the time he arrived on our door step he was so thin from being starved that he could not stand, or even hold up his own head. Both eyes were so infected that they were glued shut with pus and he had a large abscess on the side of his head. His coat was so badly matted that had he had the energy to stand he probably would have had difficulty moving around.

Kona lived in the veterinary hospital for a number of weeks and slowly regained his muscle mass, his eyes cleared up, his abscess was repaired, and his coat became groomed and cared for. Kona was such a sweet, loving cat, and it was obvious that he appreciated all of the hard work that helped to save his life. Sadly, several months later while Kona was in foster care he developed a brain tumor and had to be euthanized.

The trauma that Kona endured during his life was shocking, but the Kona our volunteers got to see in the end was absolutely amazing. He had such a wonderful spirit and really touched everyone who met him. He is missed, but his memory lives on in everyone who was lucky enough to spend time with him.