Izzie 1.JPG

Izzie and her siblings came to VPAS from another shelter who said they'd never be adoptable because they were born to a stray cat outdoors. While Izzie and her friends were shy kittens, that didn't stop them from finding great new homes. Here is an update from Izzie's new home...

"Just wanted to give you an update on how Izzie has been doing since her adoption. She has made amazing progress and is learning to trust us. She purrs, and kneads, and just loves being pet. Now she is being very interactive with both of us, coming out from under the couch and letting us pet her and play with her. She is very curious and she is starting to learn we're here to take care of her. Thanks for all the great resources!

P.S We kept the name Izzie, we think it definately suits her spunky personality :)"