Milo came to VPAS as a young kitten after already going through a few homes. It was a mystery to us why this handsome little kitten just wasn't fitting in. Well he's now found the perfect home and he couldn't be happier. Here is what his new mom says about him:

Since Milo's entrance into our lives he has continued to charm us with his love, curiosity, and zest for life. He finally has made the transition to being able to play outside with limited supervision. Since then he has developed a new fascination with water. He spends hours (literally) at the pond area of our property coming in wet and happy. He is a constant shadow of mine and cries when I am out of sight. His energy level is endless and he seldom goes up and down the stairs one at a time. All the other cats are enjoying him and Milo has decided it is just fine having other brothers and a sister.