Triumph 1.JPG

Triumph was abandoned at VPAS, along with 13 other cats, in June/08. They were all in fairly rough condition and all were ill. After much TLC these cats were ready for adoption. Triumph was among the first of these cats that was adopted. Here is the update from her new family:

We just want to let you know how well Triumph is settling into her new home!
She is incredibly affectionate and is extremely patient with our two
children, ages 4 and 6.  She loves to be petted and sleeps on the bed with
us or with our son (as close as she can get!).  She has the run of the house
and enjoys watching the hummingbirds, stretching out in a patch of sunshine
and wrestling with her favourite new toys -- a My Little Pony and a large
rubber snake! :)

We also want to thank you for the terrific care Triumph received from VPAS
and from the staff at the Central Sannich Animal Hospital. She was obviously
well-loved and taken care of during her time with you.  We are so happy to
have Triumph in our home and could not have found a cat more perfect for our