Stubbs (now Lorca)

Lorca 1.JPG

Stubbs (now Lorca) came to VPAS in the spring of 2008 after being found in the middle of a driveway all by himself. He was a very popular kitten among VPAS volunteers, so it wasn't a surprise that he had an adoption application within 10 minutes of making into the adoption room. Here is what his new mom has to say about this adorable kitten....

Stubbs is growing like a weed and is quite a little character. He wakes me up every morning by playing with anything that amuses him - from his toy balls and toy feather on a stick to my socks, slippers even a cloth grocery bag (which he took by the handle and paraded thorough every room in my house.) He then has a nap in the early afternoon (he especially loves to take a nap in the glass bowl that I have sitting on my coffee table.) After he wakes up from his nap, it is cuddle time and he will sit in my lap and purr (he has a really loud purr for such a small little cat). After he has had his cuddle time, he is off again to play. He begins to wind down in the late evening, joining me on the couch to cuddle and watch some TV before heading off to bed with me. He is a great little guy with a very unique personality.