Itsy Bitsy - ADOPTED!

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When this adorable little girl arrived in our care she was so small that she immediately got the name Itsy Bitsy and it has stuck with her while she's grown. Itsy Bitsy came to us from a shelter that was overfull and although she was about 10 weeks old, she was already quite well socialized and loved everyone. She is a Terrier X and the terrier portion of her DNA really comes through in her personality.

Itsy Bitsy is a very active and playful puppy who will need to go to puppy training classes, as all puppies do need. Ahe is a very busy girl so her foster mom does a lot to keep her entertained. She enjoys cleaning food out of her Kong and is is working on fetch. She loves to chase down toys but she is still working on bringing them back. Itsy Bitsy enjoys a quick snuggle and head kisses though out the day but a second later she will be out in the yard ignoring you because she has many thing to discover. As with many terriers, Itsy doses have selective hearing when she is outside; her nose is on the ground and she is searching for anything and everything. In the evenings she gets her zoomies around 9pm which is adorable to watch and will make you laugh. Between 10pm and 11pm is when she starts to slow down and she want to snuggle up to you on the couch with a little blanket to cover her face. She does sleep through the night as long as we watch her water intake after 9pm.

Itsy's foster mom has a small dog who is around 1.5 years old and he has done a lot of dog to puppy training with her. In the beginning, she was a bit rough while playing with her foster brother so she did get told off but she has learned a lot and they constantly play most of the day. The two do everything together. Bitsy would love a small, active dog brother but if she ends up with an active family , we hope she will have dog friends that she can play with. Due to the terrier in her, Itsy should not be in a home with small animals (birds, rabbits, rodents, etc). She is very likely to chase cats. While she has been great around the older kids that she's met, the terrier in her means that she can get a bit nippy when she's excited and may not be great around small children.

Bitsy is still a young puppy and will need committed parents to continue to work with all things related with having a puppy (including the fact that she is a super smart terrier puppy!) She is still working on house training and will need time before it is 100%. She is small and seems to enjoy games. She actually takes her own kibble and kids it around the house to find it later. She would do well with brain games to keep her interested and busy.

Itsy Bitsy is a wonderful little girl who will make a joyful companion to the right home. If you'd like to apply to adopt her, please contact us at for more information. Please note that due to COVID-19 adoptions for Itsy Bitsy will be limited to Vancouver Island only. Thank you for your understanding.