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This sweet girl is Athens, and she is looking for a very special home. Athens had a rough start and came from a home situation where there were too many cats. She is in need of a more loving and nurturing place to call home. Athens is approximately 18 months and is ready to find a family that will help her flourish.

Athens is a very shy girl who needs time to get used to new surroundings and new people. While she may not be keen to play with you right away, she loves to play when she thinks that no one is watching. She loves to look out of windows, play with toys, and explore all of the nooks and crannies she can find!

Athens is interested in her new world, but is cautious in her approach. She can be very sweet and likes head scratches on occasion. She may do OK in a home with another cat who is calm, well socialized, and respectful of her space. Since Athens is nervous of loud sounds and fast movements, she really needs a calm/quiet adult-only home.

Due to the fact that Athens didn't receive proper socialization when she was young, it will take her a significant period of time to get used to her new home (likely months) and she may never be an overly affectionate cat. She may be better suited to be a companion for an existing kitty in the home than as a cuddle bug, but she still needs to find a family that will work with her to help her discover her full potential.

If you would like to learn more about Athens and have experience working with under-socialized cats, please contact us at and tell us about your family.