Our newest adoptable is Tula! This beauty is a lovely girl who will make a great companion for her new mom or dad. She came to us from another shelter and right away, Tula was sweet, affectionate, and had a ton of personality. Despite all of the changes that Tula has undergone in the last few weeks, she has taken everything in stride and is just happy to get attention. She very quickly wormed her way into her foster mom's heart and home. This was the update that we received on Tula after just a few days in her new foster home:

Tula is super friendly, even with new people. She gets very excited being petted & almost hyper active. She really likes to play with her new knitted mouse, batting it , chasing it, and ripping it. In the morning the window is open to the catio & she spends about 30 minutes watching the back garden before she comes back in. She likes to curl up in the bed watching out the front window as she nods off for a nap. She has never hung around the door to try to escape. Tula seems to curl up in the cat bed on my bed at around 9:30pm. Then when I crawl in at 11:00 she is right there ready for cuddling. She gives me nose to nose kisses & the occasional wet kiss that wakes me up to pay attention to her. After a while she curls up in her bed on the bed. Tula loves to be petted sitting on the couch. She'll even give you kisses to tell you how happy she is. The most amazing thing about Tula is her tenderness. She will reach out for your hand, if you are pulling away, but never with her nails. She kneaded my leg while sitting next to me but no nails. She is so very gentle.

Tula is 6 years old and although she's in pretty good health overall, she is carrying too much weight on her frame. She is currently on a diet from the vet and it will be important that she stay on this food until she reaches her ideal weight. She also has a little bit of dandruff on her back because she can't quite reach the middle of her back to groom it herself, but fortunately Tula loves to be brushed and is happy for the time spent being groomed.

We have never seen Tula around other animals or children but she is confident and sweet and would fit really well into a home where she gets lots of one-on-one attention from her new owner. Someone who is home a fairly bit would be great for Tula.

If you'd like to learn more about this lovely kitty, please contact us at victoriapets@gmail.com for more info.