Ducky - Adoption Pending

ducky 1.jpg

Meet Ducky! This little girl is a very sweet cat who is looking for a new family to snuggle. She is only about 8-9m old but she's had a challenging start to life. She came to us when she was about 6m old and within a few days she gave birth to a little of kittens who all passed away because Ducky was battling a uterine infection. Luckily, the vet was able to get Ducky on antibiotics right away and she recovered quickly. She has now been spayed and is ready to find her forever home.

Ducky was a little nervous at first but she has come out of her shell and is now very loving!! She does still hide a bit if she meets new people or if there’s a loud noise (for example the blender or coffee grinder) but she will only hide for a moment and then comes out once the sound quiets down. She absolutely adores her foster's cat and would love to have a kitty companion who loves her just as much! She likes to play on her own with toys, with other cats cat, and also plays with her foster mom. Her energy level is very average; she’s fun and playful when she’s entertained but if there’s nothing to do or she’s sleepy she will relax. When she plays with her foster brother cat she is bit submissive, meaning she will roll on her back and let him take the lead. She’s very cuddly!

Ducky is an indoor cat and while we know that she loves other felines, she has not yet been around dogs or children. Since she can be nervous around loud noises, she would probably not be comfortable around young kids.

If you would like to learn more about this sweet kitty, please contact us at