Suki - Adoption Pending


Suki is a beautiful youngster who is looking for a home with some feline play mates. This sweetheart came to us from a home where there were a large number of cats and it's obvious how much she loves spending time with other felines. She lights up when there are other cats around, and she just loves to play with them. She's about 18 months old and has a lot of energy so would like some friends that will play with her and keep her entertained.

When she first came to us, Suki was quite a shy girl because she had lived a very sheltered life. It took her a while to adjust to a new environment but she is doing really well and has learned from the other pets in her foster home about how fantastic new people can be. Fortunately, Suki is extremely food motivated so as soon as the treat bag comes out she is right there waiting for her turn. Although treats have been a good way to bond with her, they have to be used in moderation. Suki is a huge glutton and wil over-eat if allowed. Therefore, she will need regular, measures feedings instead of having food always available.

Her confidence level is growing and Suki is getting really into pats from people. She lives to roll around, and is happy to sit next to you, as long as there are no sudden moves that send her into hiding. Loud sounds and sudden movements scare Suki, so she needs a quiet, adult-only home. She is not yet comfortable being picked up but she's getting better with it. She has just started to become comfortable enough with her foster parents to jump up and sit with them for cuddles. When she is really happy you can hear Suki purr from a mile away. She adores playing with her foster brothers and they have really encouraged her interactions with humans. They also get her playing, which has helped her confidence grow, and boy does she love her toys! Although Suki's purr is mighty, she has the tiniest, ridiculously cute, squeakiest meow.

Suki is doing well with the dogs in her foster home. She walks by them and will rub up against them when they're being calm. She has no fear of them, but if they get too exuberant (when they get their zoomies) she prefers to stay out of their way. She also has found she can push them around, which she quite likes to do. If she wants them to leave her alone she will just hiss and they walk away.

If you think that Suki might be a good fit for your family, please visit to learn more about our adoption process.