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Meet Jasmine. This beauty is a senior girl who is looking for a home where she can be the queen of the castle. She is a lovely, sweet cat who will make a wonderful companion for her new owner(s). Jasmine is affectionate, interactive, and beautiful! Although her family cared a lot about her, they were unable to take her to their new home when they moved.

For Jasmine's entire life (she is now 10y old) she has lived on an acreage where she had regular access to a safe outdoor space. She enjoyed spending time outside, but also loved to be in the house as well. Unfortumately, the family had multiple pets and Jasmine was not nice to them. She is extremely aggressive toward other cats, and while she can tolerate dogs, she will do best in a home where where can be the only pet. Jasmine doesn't need a huge area to roam, but she is not road savvy, so she'll need a safe outdoor area where there are no vehicles or an enclosed catio. Since she's not good with other cats, she also wont be welcome in a neighbourhood where there are a lot of outdoor cats that she might try to beat up.

Jasmine recently had a vet check and is in good health and body weight. She does not have any specific needs and just wants to be loved. She does have long hair so will need regular brushing to prevent matts.

If you have the right home for Jasmine, please visit http://victoriapets.ca/?q=node/1196 to find out how to inquire about her.