Teddy - Adoption Pending


This very handsome cat is Teddy and he's a special boy who is looking for a wonderful home. Although Teddy can be shy when you first meet him, and it takes him a while to adjust to changes in environment, he is the sweetest, softest, and most adorable big guy. Teddy is a solid cat, having a lean body weight of about 15lbs. We believe that he has some Maine Coon in him, although he not a purebred cat. He has big tom cat cheeks (although he's since been neutered) and big feet, which he loves to use to knead with when he's happy.

Teddy had a rough start to life and was living in an over-crowded situation with many other cats. Although he's only 3 years old, Teddy has already been diagnosed with Feline Immunodefficiency Virus (FIV) and he's had to have 3 of his 4 canine teeth (and several others) removed because they were badly broken and causing him a lot of pain. Now that he's all fixed up, Teddy is feeling much better and is loving life. He needs to be an indoor-only cat to keep him healthy since he has a compromised immune system.

As far as we know, Teddy does not have experience with dogs, and although he has been around a lot of other cats, he's happy being an only pet. FIV is contagious from cat to cat (not to people or other species) and although transmission in a home-environment is rare, it is possible. Since Teddy is happy being an only cat, this will be the ideal scenario for him. He is not comfortable with children. He is a longhaired cat and needs to be brushed regularly.

If you'd like to know more about Teddy, please visit http://victoriapets.ca/?q=node/1196 to learn more about our adoption process.