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This sweet little face belongs to Slantee. She is a senior kitty who is looking for a quiet home that can accomodate her specific needs. For Slantee's entire life (she is now 10 years old) she has lived in a house with one person and a large number of cats. Since there were rarely any visitors to Slantee's home, she is a shy girl who is extremely nervous of strangers. She lived a very quiet & sheltered life where change was very rare so until Slantee came into our care, she hadn't learned how to adjust to anything new. Once Slantee gets to know you she's quite sweet and likes to chat, but it takes her time to be comfortable in new environments and around different people.

Slantee has lived her whole life in a home with a lot of other cats and she had mixed feelings about it. She doesn't mind being around other cats, but as she got older, she found that the other cats would pick on her and she was sort of always 'haunted' by them. She will be OK in a home with other cats as long as they are nice to her, or ignore her. She is not interested in playing with them. Slantee has never met a dog.

Although Slantee likes to be part of what's going on, she does not like to be picked up. She enjoys calm pats and once she's comfortable will come find you when you get home and will chat to you about her day. She is very food motivated and will do almost anything for her dinner, including letting you know if it's late.

When Slantee first came to VPAS, it took her foster mom a few weeks before she'd allow her to pet Slantee, and almost a month before she would willingly approach for attention. It is important that Slantee's adopter be a cat savvy person who has previous experience working with shy cats. An adopter who can read Slantee's body language and help her to come out of her shell will be important. A quiet, adult-only home with a single person or couple will be ideal for Slantee. She is not at all comfortable around children.

Since being in our care, we have discovered that Slantee has some significant dietary intolerances. We believe that she is allergic to chicken/chicken products and she cannot digest certain grains. She has also had some issues with her vitamin b levels in her body being low. We have tried many different foods, suppliments, probiotics, and antibiotics under vet supervision and we have discovered that her stomach is incredibly sensitive. On the diet she's on right now she has soft stool, but on all other diets she's tried, her stool has been pure liquid. So it will be very important for Slantee to continue on with the diet that she's on currently, as well as her daily B12 supplement (which is a little tablet that goes into her food and she eats it.) Because of this, it may be difficult for Slantee to be in a home with other pets, unless they can also eat the food that she's on (First Mate Pacific Ocean Fish kibble.) She has not been able to tolerate any canned food, treats or human food :( It is very important that Slantee remain as an indoor-only cat so that both her diet and stool production can be closely monitored.

A few years ago, Slantee was diagnosed as hyperthyroid and underwent treatment at the I-131 Cat Cafe in Vancouver. While she is no longer hyperthyroid and does not currently require any treatment for the condition, she does need to have her bloodwork monitored avery 6-12 months to make sure her thyroid levels remain normal.

If you'd like to learn more about Slantee, please contact us at and tell us a little bit about your home and your previous experience working with shy cats.