Squeeky - ADOPTED!


This sweet youngster is Squeeky. When he was a kitten, he was left behind when his owner moved away. Someone else tried to take care of him but with multiple other pets in the house, it was difficult for him to get the care and attention that he needed. Consequently, at 9 months old, Squeeky is a shy guy when you first meet him but once he gets to know you he's quite social.

Squeeky is a chatty boy who communicates with little squeaks and trills. He likes to tell you about his day while he's sitting with you. He enjoys playing with toys, especially with interactive wand toys. Squeeky is quite the little charmer.

He has grown up around other cats and a cat-friendly dog, and can get lonely when left on his own. Squeeky will be happiest in a home where there are other pets to keep him company. Although he may come to be OK with them in time, right now Squeeky is not comfortable around children. He is using to living indoors only.

If you'd like to adopt Squeeky, please visit http://victoriapets.ca/?q=node/1196 to learn about our adoption process.