Domino 2.jpg

Meet Domino. This guy is a super laid-back kitty who will make a wonderful addition to his new family. Domino was much-loved by his owner who had to move overseas. The long trip and required quarantine would have been too much to put Domino through so he had to stay behind. Now he is looking for a family who will love him as much as his previous one did.

Domino is a gentle giant. Weighing in at 20lbs, he seems happy to spend his days lazing around. Not much phases him and he has taken all of the recent changes in stride. His favourite activities seem to be napping on the bed, playing with his toys, and watching the birds outside the window. Domino is used to having outdoor access and enjoys spending time outside in a safe space, but during the winter months he is happy to relax indoors.

He has lived with both dogs and other cats before. Domino has a fairly strong personality and he's a big boy so he can be intimidating to other cats but he's gotten along well with a few dogs. That said, Domino would be quite happy in a family where he's the only pet. He tends to like to use his mouth a lot when he's playing, and to tell you when he's finished getting attention. He doesn't bite or break skin, but because of his size and his mouthing behaviour, Domino will not be a good fit for a home with small children.

Although Domino is a big-boned cat, he is also overweight. He's on a diet right now and is hoping to shed some pounds in time for spring. Other than his weight, Domino is in good health for a 9 year old cat. He has a mild heart murmur, but he's had it since he was born and it has always been stable.

If you'd like to learn more about Domino, please contact us at and tell us about your family. He will make a great friend for someone who likes to spend lots of time at home and needs a buddy to relax with.