Sushi - ADOPTED!

Sushi 2.jpg

Sushi is a playful and sweet kitten who loves life and is ready to find a forever home. This girl doesn't sit still for long. She loves to play and wrestle with her siblings, to climb and to explore. She is a busy-body and will need to be in a home where she will be kept mentally stimulated. She really loves to play with the other animals, so she will do best in a home where there are other pets, or if you're looking for a pair of kittens, Sushi gets along very well with her sister, Miso.

This little girl enjoys climbing, and one of her favourite places is to sit on her person's shoulder. She enjoys the companionship and probably the vantage point. Since Sushi is a kitten, she is high energy at this stage, but as she ages and mellows she will likely turn into a cuddle bug. She has a wonderful purr and uses it at every chance she gets.

Sushi is a very food motivated cat so can likely be trained to do some fun tricks by using treats, but she is the type of cat that may need to have regulated meals as she grows up (rather than being a free-feeding cat). She does have medium length hair so will probably require routine brushing to make sure that it stays tangle-free.

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