Callie - Adoption Pending


Meet Callie. This little girls has had a very difficult start to life and is looking for a special home to help her become the amazing dog that she is starting to turn into. She is only about 2 years old and we believe her to be a Chihuahua X Jack Russell Terrier (and possibly something else.) She weighs in at about 15 lbs (but is a little bit underweight so will hopefully be a bit heavier at her ideal weight.)

Callie came from a home where she was neglected and regularly abused. She was hit and kicked by her family and was bred repeatedly. When Callie first arrived she was very nervous, very head-shy, and would run and hide if you moved quickly, spoke harshly, or picked up any items resembling a stick (a mop, a broom, a hockey stick, etc).  She was also nervous around things used to tie such as ropes, strings, and even leashes. Her foster mom has been working hard to get Callie used to these items and she is making great improvements! She is being treated with kindness and respect and she's learning how to trust and how to love. It's so wonderful to see Callie learning and coming out of her shell!

Now that Callie is realizing that she is safe, she is becoming very demanding of attention and wants love all of the time. She really loves to curl up on the couch and watch TV or a movie, or nap on the bed. Interestingly, she seems to quite like men and tends to gravitate toward them. She is getting better at learning to entertain herself with chew toys and stuffies.  Callie is quite comfortable in her crate and goes in there to get some quiet time. She will sleep in her crate at night or at times throughout the day.  Callie is very playful and loves toys. She love to chase balls and other items that are thrown but she hasn't figured out how to bring them back to her foster mom yet. She also likes working mushed up dog food out of her Kong toy. 

Callie is house broken and will let you know when she needs to go outside.  She hasn't yet learned to sit or lie down on command, but she seems quiet nervous about doing these things in close proximity to a person (unless it's her choice) so we think it's more that she's reluctant and will master those commands once she's more comfortable and doesn't feel as vulnerable. Her foster mom has been working on the 'leave it' and 'watch me' commands, as well as learning to walk calmly through doorways. Callie is getting more used to her body being touched but it is taking her a bit of time due to her history of abuse. She is learning that when she lets people touch her hind end, or her tail, or her neck that she gets lots of yummy treats. Since Callie didn't have much during the first part of her life, she used to guard her toys and food quite a lot. She is learning that she no longer has to do that but it is still a work in progress for her. 

It is a little bit difficult for Callie to meet new dogs but if introduced properly, she really likes them. At first she's nervous and growly/barky and she gives off a bit of a weird vibe. However, once she's used to them, Callie loves to play with other dogs. She has 2 other small dogs in her foster home and they're the best of friends.. Callie has a strong drive to chase things and is not good with cats or other small animals (like rabbits, rodents or birds.)  She will probably do best in a home where there is another dog that can take the lead and show Callie that life isn't so scary. She walks better on leash when she's with canine friends and she really loves to run and play so having another dog to help burn off her energy would be great.  Callie is a bit of an escape artist so if her family has a yard, it needs to be very secure. She focuses very intently on things like squirrels, birds, or bunnies if she sees them outside and will chase them if not leashed. It is likely that Callie will be the type of dog that will not be able to be walked off leash if not in a secure area because the second something crosses her path she's locked in on it (true to the Jack Russell side of her.)

Callie's new mom (or dad) will need to be someone who has experience working with dogs that have had a rough start. They will need to be able to guide her and make sure there are rules and consistency in Callie's routine. They will also need to have the right balance of patience and understanding, along with the drive to push Callie to learn at a pace that works for her.  Working with a trainer will be a requirement for Callie's adoption to help start her off on the right foot.  

Callie's ideal home will be with a family that has calm/serene energy while in the house, but where she will still get out for several walks or play sessions each day. Someone who has a calm voice and leadership qualities will be great for her. She would probably do well in obedience classes or doing agility, once she's settled and is more trusting of the world around her. She likes to learn and enjoys puzzle games to keep her mind stimulated. Cuddles are one of Callie's favourite things and if she's the only dog in the home, she'd probably do best with someone who works from home or is home a lot because she's quite clingy. If she has another dog to connect with she'd be ok being left at home for the day.  Due to Callie's past, she is not comfortable with children. She seems ok around calm teenagers that understand where she's come from and that treat her accordingly. 

If you are interested in adopting Callie, please visit to learn more about our adoption process.