Frankie - Adoption Pending


Frankie is a young spitfire who is looking for a dog-experienced home. He is 1 year old Chihuahua X who came to us from another shelter. This little guy is trouble looking for a place to happen. He is full of energy and just loves loves loves to play. Frankie is very sweet, gets along well with other dogs, and seems to enjoy all kinds of attention. This little guy is very cute and has a great smile, but he's got a few challenges that we're working with. Therefore, a home with someone who has experience with training will be ideal for Frankie.

Frankie is a good boy and he doesn't want to cause anyone any trouble, but he has trouble understanding limits. He hasn't yet grasped the idea that dogs shouldn't be allowed on the kitchen table. If there is something up there to see or smell, he wants to investigate it. Frankie hasn't yet figured out house training, and while he's making some progress, accidents are still common for him. Some things, Frankie is figuring out quickly. He is great in his crate and sleeps in there every night. He is good when it comes to food and understands to be gentle with other pets and people. He is very good at letting you know when someone comes into the yard or house, but he's still learning that he doens't have to continue announcing it until they leave.

This little guy has the potential to be an amazing little dog, but he needs quite a bit of help to get there. Working with a trainer and attending classes with Frankie will be a requirement of his adoption. He will do well in a home where there are other dog-friendly dogs that he can learn from. He should not be in a home with cats or with young children, but older kids would be fine.

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