Wizz - Adoption Pending

wizz .jpg

If you're looking for a wonderful new kitty to add to your home, Wizz might be your girl. She is a really sweet, gentle soul, who is calm and really likes to cuddle. In fact, she insists on it. Like any kitten, Wizz has her moments and gets the zoomies, but her favourite activity is snuggling. She absolutely loves curling up with the other cats in her foster home and would really like to be in a home where there are existing cats.

Wizz's foster home has a small dog and Wizz has been quite comfortable approaching him and making friends. Thus far, she has had no experience with children but she is quite a calm cat so she'll likely be OK around kids who respect her space and are gentle with her.

Wizz shares her foster home with her friend, Dexter, and the two get along really well. If you are looking for a pair of kittens, Wizz and Dexter would be a great choice.

If interested in Wizz, please visit http://victoriapets.ca/?q=node/1196 to learn more about our adoption process.