Boomer - ADOPTED!

boomer 2.jpg

This incredibly handsome fellow is Boomer. He is a 1 year old Bengal x PixieBob cat who is looking for the perfect home. True to the Bengal breed, Boomer is a very smart and athletic cat and needs a family that will keep him busy and entertained. He loves to play with toys and his favourite is a feather attached to a wand toy. He also enjoys playing fetch. Boomer loves to be up high so enjoys watching the comings and going of the house from on top of the fridge and cupboards. When Boomer isn't playing, he is an incredibly snuggly boy. He loves to curl up with his foster mom and his feline friends to have power naps, especially in the morning.

Boomer gets along well with other cats, and would probably do best in a home with an existing cat. He is a fairly high energy boy, so it would be best if his new BFF is able to keep up with him (another young cat would be ideal.) Boomer has played with cat-friendly dogs before and seemed comfortable with them after a proper introduction. Boomer cannot go to a home with children and must go to an adult-only home.

Boomer has always been an indoor cat but he loves the sights and sounds of the outdoors, so his ideal home is one that has a catio or safe enclosure that he can spend time in. Alternatively, a large home (where he has lots of space to run around) with lots of windows for him to look out, would be great. Boomer is a large cat, weighing in at about 5kg at 11 months of age. He is very lean and lanky but is both tall and long.

Boomer's ideal family will be one that has experience with the Bengal breed, or other similar hybrid breeds (such as Savannahs, Pixie-Bobs, or Chausies.) Hybrid cats are typically smart, athletic and energetic, and if they are not kept mentally stimulated, they can develop behavioural challenges.

If you'd like to learn more about Boomer and whether your home is the right one for him, please contact us at Please note that Boomer is only available for adoption on south Vancouver Island (south of Nanaimo) or the Gulf Islands. Our foster-to-adopt program is a requirement for Boomer.